Old Medical Clinic Redevelopment Site RFP

The City of Hutchinson is soliciting proposals from potential developers for the redevelopment of a 1-acre city-owned parcel in the city’s downtown, one block west of Main Street, which is State Highway 15.

The developer submitting the winning proposal will have the opportunity to purchase the 1-acre commercial lot known as the “Old Medical Center” property for $1.

An appraisal based on the hypothetical condition that the subject property is a bare land lot ready to be built upon (development ready lot) was completed by Galen Goranowski (MN License # 20312287) Certified General Real Property Appraiser, in July 2015 suggesting an appraised value for the lot of $350,000.

Download a copy of the full Request for Proposals here:  Old Medical Clinic Redevelopment Site Request for Proposal

Hutchinson EDA Revamps Industrial Loan Program

In an effort to make the program more attractive and user friendly the Board of Directors of the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority has enacted a number of changes to their industrial revolving loan fund program. Key changes include:

  1. The lending limit has been raised to $500,000.
  2. Loans can be amortized for up to 20 years, with a 10-year balloon. (most equipment loans would still be 5-7 years)
  3. The interest rate has been reduced to Prime minus 1%, fixed at the time of closing.
  4. There is no formal application; the EDA will just get a copy of all materials the applicant provides to the bank.

Because the EDA is a “gap” funder, all projects that the EDA participates in must have a participating bank as the lead lender.
For additional information, contact Hutchinson’s EDA Director, Miles Seppelt, at (320) 234-4223.

Hutchinson EDA Launches Major Workforce Initiative

Hutchinson EDA Allocates up to $300,000 for High School CTE Center; Launches Fundraising Effort

The Hutchinson Economic Development Authority has announced a major initiative to address the need for skilled workforce in the community.

The EDA Board of Directors voted recently to launch an effort to raise $700,000 to completely re-equip the Career & Technical Education (CTE) area at Hutchinson High School. ISD 423 will set aside $100,000 for the initiative, and the EDA will match dollar-for-dollar all other donations up to $300,000.

“Our local manufacturers need skilled workers.” explained EDA Director Miles Seppelt. To get those workers we need to dispel the old stereotypes of manufacturing. By providing state-of-the-art equipment to train on, students will see what 21st century manufacturing really looks like.”

New equipment will include CNC (computer numerical control) mills and lathes, new welders & welding simulators, equipment for computer aided drafting, engineering, robotics and automation, plus new equipment for the building trades and vehicle mechanics fields.

“We’re going to have one the most advanced career & technical training facilities in all of Minnesota.” noted EDA President Steve Jansick. “Our goal is to inspire young people to pursue high-paying careers in manufacturing.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average wage for all manufacturing jobs in the United States in 2012 was over $62,000 annually, with benefits adding even more.

In the upcoming weeks the EDA will be engaging the local manufacturing community for additional support of this effort.

New Job Training Program Launched

DEED Accepting Applications for Job Training Program

New or expanding businesses in Greater Minnesota can apply for grants through the Job Training Incentive Program administered by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

The program provides grants of up to $100,000 that eligible businesses can use to train workers in new jobs.

Applications will be accepted beginning Oct. 15 and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to businesses that meet eligibility requirements.

A total of $900,000 is available through June 30, 2016. An additional $900,000 will be available July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017. Businesses will be required to match the grants on a 1-to-1 basis.

Funding will be available to businesses located outside the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area or located in the cities of Hanover, Rockford, Northfield and New Prague.
Funds may be used to pay direct training costs, including wages for on-the-job training. Training may be provided in-house, by institutions of higher education, by federal, state or local agencies, by consultants, or by equipment vendors.
Additional eligibility requirements include:
1. Eligible businesses must add at least three new jobs.
2. The new jobs must pay at least equal to the average weekly wage for the county in which the jobs are located.
3. The new jobs must be permanent and provide at least 32 hours of work per week for a minimum of nine months per year.
4. The following types of businesses are not eligible for program funding: public utilities, health clinics or businesses engaged in lobbying, gambling, professional sports, political consulting, leisure and hospitality, and professional services provided by attorneys, accountants, consultants, physicians or health care consultants.

If your company would like to explore this opportunity contact Miles Seppelt, Economic Development Director at (320) 234-4223 or Email Miles.

MOXY Wins $25,000 JumpStart Manufacturing Contest

The Hutchinson Economic Development Authority announced today that Fortiori Design LLC, an early-stage technology company and maker of the MOXY Muscle Oxygen Monitor, has won its $25,000 JumpStart Manufacturing business plan contest.

Fortiori, founded by Mr. Roger Schmitz and Mr. Stuart Giere, has developed an easy-to-use wearable device that measures the amount of oxygen in muscle tissue. This information helps athletes adjust their training so they can maximize their performance.

Ultimately, athletic performance is limited by the capacity of the heart, lungs and muscles. By measuring the amount of oxygen (the “fuel” that all muscles need to operate) in various muscles, the Moxy Monitor helps athletes understand which of those three systems is limiting their performance so they can adjust their training regime accordingly.

“Our team is thrilled with this support from our community through JumpStart Manufacturing. The money and services from the award will help us grow the market for MOXY more quickly. It’s just one more reason why Hutchinson is a great place to build a business.” noted Mr. Schmitz.

The “JumpStart Manufacturing” business plan contest is designed to help an entrepreneur successfully launch a new manufacturing business to be located in the City of Hutchinson. The contest winner receives $20,000 for working capital, a free website & social media campaign, free business cards, letterhead & envelopes, a free 1-year membership to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and extensive business training, coaching and mentoring provided by the Small Business Development Center and the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Co-sponsoring the contest are the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority, the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center, the Southwest Initiative Foundation, Crow River Press and Vivid Image.

More information see the MOXY website.

Hutchinson Launches $25,000 Business Plan Contest

Hutchinson, Minnesota’s Manufacturing City, has launched a $25,000 business plan contest.

Called “JumpStart Manufacturing,” the contest is designed to help an entrepreneur successfully launch a new manufacturing business to be located in the City of Hutchinson. The contest winner will receive $20,000 for working capital, a free website & social media campaign, free business cards, letterhead & envelopes, a free 1-year membership to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and extensive business training, coaching and mentoring provided by the Small Business Development Center and the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

“We’re providing pretty much everything a new business needs to get started and be successful.” noted Miles Seppelt, Hutchinson’s Economic Development Director.

Sponsors of the contest include the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority, Vivid Image, Crow River Media, the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center and the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

JumpStart Manufacturing is designed to help someone who has a great idea for a business – in this case manufacturing – turn that concept into reality.

Detailed information, along with application materials, can be found on the contest website.

Contest entries are due by 4 PM, Thursday, July 2, 2015 at the Hutchinson City Center, located at 111 Hassan Street SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350.

EDA Ramps Up Marketing Program

The Hutchinson EDA is putting renewed emphasis on marketing and promotion of the community for economic development.  A page-by-page review of the EDA’s primary website, www.hutchinsoneda.com, is currently underway.  All data and information is being reviewed and updated where appropriate, and the look of the site is being enhanced with the addition of more color on many of the pages.  In addition, all parts of the site are being given a consistent look, emphasizing the “Minnesota’s Manufacturing City” logo and brand.  Finally, the EDA’s Facebook page has been reactivated and regular updates are being made.  Said EDA Director Miles Seppelt, “We have all the resources companies are looking for right here in Hutchinson, now we have to ramp up our marketing program and tell the world.” 

Manufacturers’ Week Tours

A partnership among the Hutchinson EDA, the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, and the Customized Training Program provided opportunities for parents and students to tour seven local manufacturers on October 15th as part of Minnesota Manufacturing Week. Click here to view the thoughts of one magazines blogger (Minnesota Manufacturing).

Depot Marketplace

The Hutchinson EDA, in partnership with the City of Hutchinson and the McLeod County Rail Authority, is working on a project to redevelop the railroad depot site on Adams Street, in downtown Hutchinson.

Plans call for the site to be cleaned up, the existing quonset building will be removed, the historic rail depot will be shifted on the site (so its parallel to Washington Avenue) and placed on a new foundation, a paved parking lot will be constructed and a new pavilion will be constructed that provide a permanent home for the Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Currently we are in the process of doing an environmental review of the site.  Once that’s done (hopefully by mid-August) we should be ready to move forward with site clean-up.  Stay tuned for further developments!