Hutchinson has a number of excellent buildings available for all business types. Next to each photo is summary information on each available building. For more detailed information, and a printable pdf, simply click on the name of the building you’re interested in.

NuCrane Building

Price: $3.8 million
Type: High-bay manufacturing
Size: 54,000 sq. ft.
Lot: 4.43 acres
Built: 2009
Location: 900 Hwy 7 West, Hutchinson



DALADO Building

Price:  $725,000
Type: Manufacturing / warehouse
Size: 20,000 sq. ft. & 8,160 sf (two buildings)
Lot: 1.63 & 1.51 acre lots
Built: 1998?
Location: 479 & 481 Hwy 7 East, Hutchinson


Econo 2.jpg

Econo Foods Building

Type: Retail “Big Box”
Size: 42,071 sq. feet
Lot: 3.23 acre site
Built: 1992
Location: Downtown Hutchinson