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This page is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” for corporate site selectors and commercial real estate professionals.  Here you’ll find a downloadable pdf of Hutchinson’s Economic Development Resource Profile, a quick reference table with key data on the community and, finally, all the supporting information for Hutchinson’s Shovel Ready Industrial Park: Click here for site information, building permit information, maps, ALTA survey, environmental site assessment and geotechnical soil tests.


Click here to read & download a pdf of Hutchinson’s

Economic Development Resource Profile (pdf)


 Site Selector Summary Information



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 Land Available

36.9 acres certified “shovel-ready”

 $1 lots for qualified companies

 75 acres available immediately adjacent

 Industrial Park Infrastructure

 6″ water, 8″ sanitary sewer

(minimum size available on all lots)

 Building Space

 41,058 sf high-bay manufacturing

for sale or lease (built 1993)

 Unemployment Rate


(April, 2020)

 Customized Training

 Ridgewater College


 Hutchinson Utilities Commission

Designated an RP3 power utility

Top 5% nationally for reliable service


 6.5 million gallons per day capacity

Reverse osmosis & bio-filtration water treatment

 Wastewater  3.67 million gallons per day capacity
Broadband Internet

1 Gbps +

upload and download speeds

Corporate Income Tax

9.8% flat rate

     Substantial tax deductions result in a 

significantly lower effective tax rate of 4.5%

for capital-intensive manufacturing


Miles R. Seppelt

Economic Development Director

(320) 234-4223


Certified Shovel Ready Site Information

(click on each document title below to download a pdf of the information you’re seeking.)

Shovel-Ready Application & Community Information (xls)

Site Information

Site Information Matrix (xls)

Building Permit & Site Plan Review Process

Building Permit Application (pdf)

Site Plan Approval Process (pdf)

Zoning Ordinances

Dimensional Regulations for Industrial Business Districts (pdf)

Signs Permitted in Commercial and Industrial Districts (pdf)

Maps & Drawings

Aerial View with Park Boundaries (pdf)

Industrial Park Lot Map (pdf)

Industrial Park “As Built” Drawings (pdf)

Street Map (pdf)

ALTA Survey for Energy Park (pdf)

Environmental & Geotechnical

Environmental Site Assessment (pdf)

Geotechnical Evaluation Report (pdf)