EDA Board of Directors

The EDA Board meets at 11:30 am on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Hutchinson Enterprise Center and meetings are open to the public.  The EDA Board consists of seven commissioners, two of whom must be members of the City Council and five who are members of the community. Appointments to the EDA are made by the Mayor and approved by the City Council and board members serve staggered six year terms. The EDA works to promote the continued growth and development of the community of Hutchinson, in partnership with the City and the Chamber of Commerce.

EDA Board of Directors

 Name  Position  Affiliation  Term
 Mike McGraw  President  State Farm Insurance  2021
 Jonny Block  Vice-President  Hutchinson Technology, Inc.  2022
 Mike Cannon    Citizens Bank  2021
 Daron Vanderheiden    ISD 423  2021
 Corey Stearns    Stearnswood, Inc.  2020
 Mary Christensen  Council Rep.  Hometown Realty  2022
 Chad Czmowski  Treasurer / Council Rep.  Outdoor Motion  2022

Note 1: EDA Board terms conclude on December 31st of the year indicated.
Note 2: City Council representatives are designated every two years when the City Council reorganizes.

EDA Finance Team:

The Finance Team reviews all financial matters for the Hutchinson EDA – including loan oversight, operating budgets and project financing.  Meetings take place at 11:30 am on the third Wednesday of each month at City Center.

EDA Finance Team

Member Position Affiliation Term 
Mike Cannon Chair / EDA Liaison Citizens Bank & Trust open 
Anthony Hanson   Citizens Bank & Trust open 
Corey Stearns EDA Liaison Stearnswood open
Scott Ziegler   Piehl, Hanson, Beckman, P.A. open 
Jack Daggett   Pride Solutions, Inc. open 
 Josh Karg   Heartland Ag Systems  open
Ben King   Kraft Walser Law  open
Eric Liptke   MITGI open

Note: Two EDA Board members serve as liaisons with the EDA Finance Team.