Equipment Revolving Loan Fund


The purpose of the fund is to provide quick and easy equipment financing for Hutchinson businesses.

Application Procedure

The Hutchinson Economic Development Director will gather all necessary information on the project from the interested business or individual and verify that the proposed project is eligible for loans and /or other public financial assistance.

Once all the required information has been obtained, the EDA Director will make a report and presentation to the Finance Team of the Economic Development Authority (EDA) at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  The applicant may be requested to attend this meeting to provide additional information about the project and answer any questions the Finance Team might have.  The Finance team will then review all information provided and make a recommendation to the EDA Board of Directors to either approve or reject the loan application.

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the EDA Board will then review all information provided along with the recommendation of the Finance Team prior to considering final approval of the loan.  No public financial assistance shall be made available prior to authorization of the EDA Board.

The following documents must be submitted in order to apply (you will be given the option to upload the files while completing the online application or you can drop off the documents at the Hutchinson City Center located at 111 Hassan Street SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350):

  • Business Financial Profit & Loss Statements (3 years previous & most recent)
  • Business Financial Balance Sheets (3 years previous & most recent)
  • Resumes of Principals
  • Personal Financial Statements of Principals
  • Most recent Personal Income Tax Statement
  • Most recent Business Income Tax Statement
  • Evidence of Payroll Tax Payment
  • Appraisals / Proposed Lease / Purchase Agreement(s) (as appropriate)
  • Commitment Letter(s) from all other project funders (stating terms and conditions of financing)
  • Corporate / Partnership Authorization (if applicable)

Approval Considerations

The EDA Finance Team will evaluate all submitted information, specifically looking at the strengths & weaknesses of the business, its potential for success, its overall credit worthiness and how well the project supports the economic development goals of the community.

Loan Approval

Upon successful approval by the EDA Board, a promissory note, personal guarantee(s), UCC filing and / or mortgage will be prepared for loan closing.  All fees related to document preparation, along with any legal and recording fees are the responsibility of the borrower. All applicable fees are due before loan closing and disbursement.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Businesses

  • Businesses must be located within the corporate boundaries of the City of Hutchinson.
  • Manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research & development facilities, data centers, call centers & administrative processing centers are eligible.

Ineligible Businesses

  • Retail & service businesses are not eligible under this program.

Eligible Uses of Funds

  • Machinery & equipment

Ineligible Uses of Funds

  • Purchase of equity positions in business enterprises
  • Refinancing of other existing debt

Loan Amounts

  • Up to $40,000 is available
  • The EDA reserves the right to approve loan amounts less than the amount requested.

Loan Terms Available

  • Up to 7-year terms are available
  • Each loan term will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Equipment loans will generally not exceed 5-7 years and will not go beyond the depreciated life of the asset being financed.

Interest Rates

  • Anywhere from a rate of 2% to Prime Interest Rate + 3%
  • Interest rates will be fixed.
  • Interest rates are determined on a case-by-case basis as recommended by the EDA Finance Team & EDA Board.

Job Creation & Wage Requirements

  • NONE


  • Approved borrowers are responsible for all legal fees, document preparation costs, recording & filing fees.
  • No origination or application fees apply.

Equity Requirements

  • The borrower must provide a minimum of 10% of total project costs as equity.
Personal Guarantees

  • Personal guarantees are required of all persons having 20% or more ownership of the business.

Collateral Requirements

  • The EDA Finance Team and EDA Board will review and take into consideration loan collateral coverage.
  • The EDA may take a subordinate collateral position to other lenders.
  • At its sole discretion, the EDA may require a certified appraiser to determine the value of proposed collateral. In the event an appraisal is required, the cost of obtaining the appraisal will be the responsibility of the borrower. If an appraisal is required, the final report must be mailed, faxed, or emailed from the appraisal firm directly to the EDA. Any appraisal submitted with the application or delivered by the borrower WILL NOT be accepted.

Management Experience

  • It is required that the project have capable, skilled management through experience or expertise in the applicant’s industry, either through previous successful business ownership or through appropriate managerial support services.

Repayment Ability

  • Applicants must demonstrate adequate historical and / or pro-forma cash flow for the proposed new debt.

Late Penalties

  • The EDA may include late penalties for loan payments made after their due date.

Loan Disbursement Policy

  • The EDA will place restrictions on the disbursement of loan funds.

Considerations in setting Interest Rates

  • Size of loan
  • Length of loan
  • Use of loan
  • Inflationary expectations
  • Interest rate expectations
  • Perceived risk of project
  • Amount of owner equity
  • Presence / absence of other funding sources
  • Financial strength of ownership
  • General economic conditions & expectations
  • Type & size of building
  • Number of jobs created
  • Wages paid

Considering all these factors, loan interest rates are set at the sole discretion of the Hutchinson EDA.

Please call the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority at (320) 234-4223 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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