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MOXY Wins $25,000 JumpStart Manufacturing Contest

The Hutchinson Economic Development Authority announced today that Fortiori Design LLC, an early-stage technology company and maker of the MOXY Muscle Oxygen Monitor, has won its $25,000 JumpStart Manufacturing business plan contest.

Fortiori, founded by Mr. Roger Schmitz and Mr. Stuart Giere, has developed an easy-to-use wearable device that measures the amount of oxygen in muscle tissue. This information helps athletes adjust their training so they can maximize their performance.

Ultimately, athletic performance is limited by the capacity of the heart, lungs and muscles. By measuring the amount of oxygen (the “fuel” that all muscles need to operate) in various muscles, the Moxy Monitor helps athletes understand which of those three systems is limiting their performance so they can adjust their training regime accordingly.

“Our team is thrilled with this support from our community through JumpStart Manufacturing. The money and services from the award will help us grow the market for MOXY more quickly. It’s just one more reason why Hutchinson is a great place to build a business.” noted Mr. Schmitz.

The “JumpStart Manufacturing” business plan contest is designed to help an entrepreneur successfully launch a new manufacturing business to be located in the City of Hutchinson. The contest winner receives $20,000 for working capital, a free website & social media campaign, free business cards, letterhead & envelopes, a free 1-year membership to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and extensive business training, coaching and mentoring provided by the Small Business Development Center and the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Co-sponsoring the contest are the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority, the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center, the Southwest Initiative Foundation, Crow River Press and Vivid Image.

More information see the MOXY website.