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Here you’ll find information on the cost of doing business in Hutchinson along with some information on other industries in the community. 

Electric Rates Property Taxes
Natural Gas Rates Current Property Tax Classification Rates
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Power Reliability Data Estimating Your Hutchinson Property Taxes
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Power Reliability Data

Having reliable power is critically important for many businesses: especially precision, high technology manufacturers. Hutchinson Utilities, the city’s municipal power provider, can provide your company with some of the most reliable power available anywhere!

If your company depends on reliable power, Hutchinson is the place to be.

Key Terms

  • CAIDI The average length of power interruption, weighted by the number of customers affected,
  • during a specific time period.
  • SAIDI The average length of power interruption for customers during a specified time period.
  • SAIFI Average number of times a customer experiences a power interruption, during a specified time
  • period.

In all cases, a lower figure is better, as they indicate shorter and fewer outages. As you can see, Hutchinson Utilities provides the most reliable power available, by a very wide margin.






  Hutchinson 38.01 10.21 0.34 2009
  Hutchinson 25.68 16.46 0.60 2008
Xcel Energy          
  Metro East 84.39 96.46 1.14 2009
  Metro West 95.78 101.28 1.06 2009
  Northwest 126.93 157.38 1.24 2009
  Southeast 90.85 68.09 .75 2009
Interstate Power          
  Winnebago 66.19 56.55 0.85 2007
  Albert Lea 80.18 77.39 0.97 2007
Otter Tail Power          
  Bemidji 38.26 48.35 1.25 2007
  Crookston 51.46 79.76 1.55 2007
  Fergus Falls 63.55 85.79 1.35 2007
  Morris 41.08 63.68 1.55 2007
For additional information about power reliability, contact Dave Hunstad, manager of the electrical division at Hutchinson Utilities,
at (320) 234-0508

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The City of Hutchinson has state-of-the-art telecommunications services provided by Hutchinson Telephone Company available to meet the needs of your business. Services offered include:

  • Local Dial Tone Service
  • Customized Caling Features
  • Competitive Long Distance and Toll Free Service
  • Digital Cable TV Service
  • Broadband Service
  • DSL High Speed Internet Access
  • Voice and Data Network Cabling
    * Installation and Termination
    * CAT 5 Network Certified
    * Fiber Termination Certified
    * Power Limited Licensed
  • • Business Telephone Systems Installation and Service
  • • Complete Line of Phones and Telecommunications Equipment
  • • Authorized Agents for:
    * Avaya Communications
    * 3 COM NBX Systems
    * Motorola
    * Mitel
    * Next Level
  • • Integrated Services Data Network (ISDN)
  • • Midwest Wireless Clearly Digital Cellular Service
  • • Web Page Hosting T-3 / DS-3 & OC-3 Internet access available

For additional information on the variety of telecommunications services available in Hutchinson, visit the website of Hutchinson Telephone Company or call toll free (800) 303-7039 or locally (320) 587-2323.

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Air Service

Airport Type Local Regional International
Name Bulter Field Municipal St. Cloud Regional MPLS/St. Paul International
Phone (320) 587-7615 (320) 255-7292 (612) 726-5555
Location Hutchinson St. Cloud Minneapolis
Distance 2 miles 55 miles 65 miles
Primary Runway  4,000′ x 75′ feet 7,000′ x 150′ 10,000′ x 200′
Cross-Wind  None 3,000′ x 75′ 11,006′ x 150′
Surface Type  Paved Paved Paved
Lighted Runways  Yes Yes Yes
Customs  No No Yes
Fuel  100LL 100LL, Jet A 100LL, Jet A

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Property Taxes

The State of Minnesota has one of the most complicated property tax systems in the entire United States. To estimate your local property taxes it is necessary to consider the “property tax classification” and assessor’s “market value” of your property.

Multiplying these together will give you your “tax capacity.”

Then, you have to multiply the tax capacity of your property by the local tax rate, not forgetting to add in the statewide general tax.

The tables below provide all the information you need to estimate your Hutchinson property taxes.

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Current Property Tax Classification Rates (as payable in 2012)

Property Type Classification Rate
Residential Homestead  
First $500,000 of market value 1.00%
Value over $500,000 1.25%
Residential Non-Homestead   
First $500,000 of market value 1.00%
Value over $500,000 1.25%
Commercial and Industrial   
First $500,000 of market value 1.50%
Value over $500,000 2.00%
Farm Homesteads   
House, garage, one acre  
First $500,000 of market value 1.00%
Value over $500,000 1.25%
Remainder of Farm  
First $600,000 of market value 0.55%
Value over $600,000 1.00%
Farm Non-Homesteads   
House, garage, one acre  
First $500,000 of market value 1.00%
Value over $500,000 1.25%
Land 1.00%
Residential Rental (Apartments)   
2-3 units 1.25%
4 or more units 1.25%
Seasonal Cabins   
First $500,000 of market value 1.00%
Value over $500,000 1.25%


Local Tax Rates (as payable in 2012)

Taxing District Tax Rate
Statewide General Tax
McLeod County
City of Hutchinson
School District 423
Hutchinson HRA
Hutchinson EDA
Region 6E

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Estimating Your Hutchinson Property Taxes

As mentioned previously, estimating your property taxes is essentially a two-step process:

Step 1: Determine the tax capacity of your property.
Multiply the assessor’s “market value” of your property by the appropriate “property tax classification rate.”

Step 2: Determine the amount of your local property tax.
Multiply the tax capacity by the local “property tax rate.”

Suppose your Hutchinson business has an estimated market value of $500,000.

Step 1: Determine the tax capacity of your property.
(The first $150,000 of value multiplied by the classification rate of 1.5% plus the value remaining over $150,000 [in this case $350,000] multiplied by the classification rate of 2% equals tax capacity).
($150,000 x .015) + ($350,000 x .02) = $9,250

Step 2: Determine the amount of your local property tax.
(Multiply your tax capacity of $9,250 by the combined property tax rate of 1.7407 [this is 174.07% divided by 100 to get a decimal] equals property tax).
$9,250 x 1.7407 = $16,101.48

The estimated property tax on your $500,000 business would then be $16,101.48 for the year.

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Major Employers

The table below lists some of the major employers in Hutchinson, along with their primary product area.
Company Product/Service
Hutchinson Technology
3M Corp.
Hutchinson Area Health Care
Hutchinson Schools ISD 423
Cash Wise Foods
Hutchinson Medical Center
Goebel Fixture Co.
City of Hutchinson
Econo foods
Ag Systems, Inc.
Hutchinson Telephone Company
JC Penny
Hutchinson Manufacturing
Hutchinson Utilities Comm.
Haugen Furniture Company
Impressions, Inc.
Customer Elation
Crow River Press
Hutchinson Leader
Warrior Manufacturing
Richard Larson Builders/ABC
American Energy Systems
Wahl Rebuild & Repair, Inc.
CreekSide Soils
Hillyard Floor Care – Supply
3-D C-N-C
Computer & peripheral equipment mfg
Video & audio tapes, adhesive tape
General medical & surgical hospital
Department store
Elementary & secondary schools
Govery store
Hardware store
Health services
Store fixtures
Department store
Department store
Local government
Grocery store
Fertilizer & chemical application equipment
Department store
Metal fabrication
Electric & natural gas provider
Commercial printing
Customer service center NV-Telecom
Yeast products
Publishing & printing
Metal fabrication
Building & construction
General machining job shop
Potting soil/compost products
Wholesale, cleaning products
Precision Tooling